How to Prepare for a Spray Tan

When it comes to getting a spray tan, most people wonder where to begin. How do you prepare your skin before your spray tan session? We’re glad you asked! Skin preparation is extremely important. In fact, we think the days leading up to your session matter the most when it comes to how the solution stays on your skin. But not to worry, just remembering a few quick pointers can make a world of difference in how your tan looks and lasts!



In the week leading up to your appointment, remember to moisturise daily with body lotion. Apply a moisturiser generously to your knees, elbows, feet and hands, since these areas tend be the driest, and therefore, absorb more color. If you moisturise twice daily the entire week before your spray tan, you will ensure a smooth, even absorption of colour.

However, make sure that you STOP your moisturising routine the day of your spray tan. If you have any lotion at all on your body when you come in for your session, there will be a barrier between your skin and the spray tanning solution, which can cause your spray tan to come out blotchy.

2. Exfoliate

We cannot over-stress the importance of exfoliating your skin prior to your spray tan session. Exfoliation clears away any dry, dead skin cells, which helps prepare your skin to better absorb the spray tanning solution. You should exfoliate using a Loofa/exfoliating mitt (we recommend our blushtan™️ Exfoliating Mitt!) and body scrub the entire week (up until 24 hours) before your appointment.

3. Hair Removal

When it comes to shaving/waxing your body hair, make sure you do so prior to 24 hours before your session! Shaving and waxing exfoliates the skin, so going along with rule #2, just make sure you do so prior to the 24-hour window.

4. Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water really does influence your skin! All spray tanning solutions look best on both moisturised, but also hydrated skin.

5. Protect Your Skins’ pH Levels

Make sure to avoid using bars of soap, high pH shower products, or in-shower moisturisers in the days before (and especially after) your spray tan. These products can neutralise the DHA bronzing reaction within the skin, making your spray tan blotchy and uneven.   

6. Get Your Mani/Pedi Before Your Spray Tan

If you plan on getting a manicure or pedicure, make sure to do so before your session! If you get your nails done after your spray tan, you risk ruining your tan when the nail tech uses exfoliates and/or lotions on your skin.                                                      

In conclusion, the better your prepare your skin, the better your results will be! Happy tanning!

Georgina Head