Top tips for tanning in hot weather

We already know that spray tanning in wet weather can potentially damage your tan, but did you know that spray tanning in hot weather can be just as damaging? 

You can end up with a spray tan that has developed patchy or uneven due to sweating before the solution has had a chance to be absorbed by the skin. With the extreme heat we are experiencing in the U.K. this week, we thought it might be useful to share our top tips for tanning in hot weather.


1. Don't shower right before your tan

After a shower you may notice your skin tends to be hotter, and when the skin is hot, it's natural reaction is to cool the body down. Not only do you sweat but the skin won't absorb anything, especially something as light as spray tan solution. This is why you should be having your shower at least a couple of hours before a spray tan is applied. Not only can the water change the pH levels of the skin but the body temperature can rise slightly too.

2. Keep cool

At blushtan our studio is kept cool with the use of air conditioning, but it's when you come to and leave the studio that can cause problems, especially if you have a walk back to the car, and a drive home. Also, if you’re going to be late to your appointment, don’t run! If you’re sweating when you come in the solution will run straight off, just give us a call to let us know you’re running behind and don’t sweat it. At the end of every tanning session at blushtan we use a special powder to help to set the tan, this reduces the risk of your tan rubbing off, and it also helps to dry the tan quicker, but it will not prevent excess sweating from running the tan off. Keep cool, to and from your appointment.

3. Tan late in the day or at night

We know that the hottest part of the day is around midday/early afternoon, when it is a particularly hot day we advise that you book your tan later in the afternoon/evening (we’re open till 9pm most nights). The hotter it is outside, the more likely you will end up with a patchy result or very little tan colour. Your best option is to move your appointment to a time late in the afternoon or evening once the weather has cooled down. Also, we recommend wearing long bottoms to bed, to stop skin on skin contact rubbing your tan off, particularly around the thighs!

So to sum it all up; shower at least 2-3 hours before tanning, stay super cool and have your appointment when the weather has cooled down! Happy tanning!

Georgina Head