How to Look After Your Spray Tan

Once you have your perfect glow, it’s easily possible to keep it looking it’s best for a week, potentially longer. After your tanning session at blushtan, your technician will go through how best to avoid accidents and mishaps when it comes to looking after your tan, but here are some extra tips to keep in mind.


Getting dried and dressed 

Once tanned, your blushtan technician will dry you down with warm air. They will concentrate under the bottom, behind the knees and under the arms. They will then apply a little power over your body, under the arms and in the joints of the inner arms especially. This will help give you movement and prevent sweating ruining the tan in the first crucial hours of having the tan on. Be sure to bring dark, baggy clothes to wear after your appointment too.


If it’s a warm night, sleep with a fan over you and if you tend to sleep with your hand in between your legs or touching your face, try wearing lightweight cotton gloves. Our tan solution is fast drying and set with powder before you leave the salon so the likelihood of colour running is minimal, however another option for is to ask for a blushtan Express or Super Express spray tan that can be washed off in 4-6 hours or 2-4 hours, so you don’t need to sleep in the solution and there’s less chance of damaging the tan.

Baths and showers

If you can, avoid having long soaks in the bath and keep showers short and cool to ensure your tan lasts longer. The more your body is in water the faster your tan will fade! Use a lightweight shower cream or gel that doesn’t contains sulphates and avoid bars of soap - Try the blushtan™️ Body Wash with added DHA!

If you are worried about being too dark

You shouldn’t be! At the start of your first session with blushtan you will have a little colour consultation with your technician, so they know a little more about you and your tan goals. They will then mix the tan on site to produce one of over a hundred unique shades that best suits you. The guide colour of your spray tan will always look darker than the finished result once washed off, this is due to the bronzer in the solution that is present so your technician can see where they’re spraying! But if during its development your tan seems way too dark, trust your instinct and wash it off a little earlier, such as 10 hours in, instead of the 12 hours normally advised. If your tan feels too dark the following day, try having another hot shower to help bring it down to a more natural colour.


It’s important to moisturise twice a day with an oil-free formula! We recommend our blushtan™️ Gradual Tanning Moisturiser, which contains DHA so will prolong and extend the life of your tan.

Facial skincare 

Tan will always fade faster on the face as more products are used on the face, we wash our faces more often and we tend to touch our faces quite frequently. To keep the tan glowing longer on the face avoid any harsh, exfoliating facial products as they can remove the colour prematurely. Also avoid make-up remover wipes and opt for a gentle cleansing water or foaming cleanser. To keep the tan looking fresher for longer on the face we recommend our blushtan™️ Rosewater Face Mist, this hydrating formula contains an active tanning ingredient so will keep your glow looking its best.

Georgina Head